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Round Pine Cone pendant lamp OP1051

This is a latest pendant lamp from OAKLAMP.It is made of real plywood, looks like a  Pine Cone, it is an interesting ceiling lamp for houseware decorative. 

More details

pine cone pendant lamp made of plywood

ceiling lamp made of wood

This lamp looks like a pine cone, made from real plywood.It is very beautiful when light up at night.

It is a unique lamp for bedroom,dining room and study as a decorative lighting.

It is also suitable for a lighting project for restaurant, bar and hotel. 

Name:Round Pine cone Pendant Lamp

Material: Plywood 

Normally size available:Medium: 17 X 17 X 13.75 inches (430 X 430 X 350 MM)

Package: KD-Package ( very easy to assemble , it just will take 5-10 minutes)

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