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Waves pendant lamp OP2020mp

This is a great pendant lamp for a suburban villa , it is made of wood veneer and made by hand,it is an excellent designer lighting.It is a fantastic and high quality light.

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We use American maple veneer to make this pendant, as my proprietary technology.

It is a unique lamp which you can hardly find it else where.It is an excellent design,and very beautiful when lighting up at night.

Custom-design acceptance.
Name:Waves pendant lamp

Material: Real maple Veneer & ECO-PET (Flexible, Heat-resisting and Bright )

Package: Quasi-Assembled (We will split the lampshade into two halves, the customer can very easily to assemble when receiving it , it just take about 5-8 minutes)


Large: 22.5 X 22.5 X 21.5 inches( 560 X 560 X 540 MM)     3 X Max 60W (Bulb not included)

Medium: 19.75 X 19.75 X 19.75 inches (500 X 500 X 500 MM)   1 X Max 100w (Bulb not included)

suburban vialla lighting made by OAKLAMPsuburban vialla lighting made by OAKLAMP

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